Rensselaer Monument, Inc. was established April 01, 1976 by Ronald and his wife Ruth of Rensselaer. The business was incorporated on April 29, 1980. Prior to staring the business, Ron started working for Bradshaw Funeral Home in 1958, while working there he began installing cemetery foundations and installing monuments. In 1960 he attended Indiana College of Mortuary Science and working at Conkle Funeral Home in Speedway, Indiana. On Sept. 08, 1962 he married Ruth. Together they had four children Rodney, Rhonda, Robin and Renee. In 1962 he started creating, designing and selling memorials for Kosiba monuments part time. Then in Sept. of 1966 he went to work for them full time. In 1976 Ron and Ruth Woolley opened Rensselaer Monument Company. In 1977 Ron and Ruth had the opportunity to purchase a memorial business out of Rockfield, Indiana owned Jess and Mae Brothers. There they got more equipment and their first full time employee. As this business grew so did the Woolley children right along with it. The children have been involved in the monument business most of their lives. Three of them work for their family business today. Rodney, Robin and Renee along with two other full time employees.

The one thing Ron and Ruth have instilled in their children and employees is there is only one way to work in this business and that is the right way. Meaning put forth the best quality and craftsmanship you possibly can. Don’t cut corners. Everyone deserves the best quality on their final gift to their loved one. A memorial is for the living, which should withstand time and be there forever. Every memorial created at Rensselaer Monument, Inc. is and will always be a lasting tribute to you and your loved ones.