Purchasing a memorial is not an easy thing to do. To purchase a pre-need (no one has passed away) memorial whether it is traditional or cremation is a very beneficial thing for a family to do. You get to choose what you like, the color, the design how you want it to read. When a couple purchases a memorial together they can discuss what they both like and dislike or what they had in mind. They don’ t have to think to themselves I wonder if he would like this color or I wonder if she would have wanted her maiden name on this, or would he like his military information or maybe his nickname. So many questions come to mind and it is easier doing this together. It is a much harder thing to do alone when it is needed. If you choose the memorial together you will both get to see what it looks like. Overall it is a better experience purchasing a pre-need memorial together not only for yourselves but for your family. If the memorial is already setting in the cemetery at the time in which it’s needed, it is one less thing your children have to worry about at such a devastating time in their lives.

We plan ahead for so many things in life for instance education, weddings, a home or a vehicle. We also have to plan a head for things that aren’t some thing we want to do but yet something that we will have to some day have.

Please make an appointment with us to just better understand your options. Talk with our caring and experienced staff; they can be a great deal of help to you by explaining all of your options. Not only that you will be well educated about granite or bronze so that you can rest assure that you have chosen a memorial that will indeed last for generations to come.